Top Six



CHAMPION: Nickee Randolph and Tip
RESERVE CHAMPION: Anne Fitzgibbon and Cirk


CHAMPION: Lauren Seabolt and Bonnie
RESERVE CHAMPION: Julie Poudrier and Birdie
Sylvia King and Trip
Steve Avery and Spur
Don Desrosiers and Panda
Mary Ann Thomas and Bob


CHAMPION: Sally Glei and Mia
RESERVE CHAMPION: Pam Gardner and Dell
Pam Gardner and Rowan
Nancy Liptak and Ben
Pam Mueller and Fly
Mary Calley and Aidan


CHAMPION: Sally Glei and Lena
RESERVE CHAMPION: Carla King and Floss
Sally Glei and Wes
Carla King and Shawn
Steve Avery and Bell
Doug Brewer and Ben